Wendover of Long Lake

Long Lake is the last keep along the King’s Road north of Winterfell. Last Hearth, the home of the Umbers, is east and north of Long Lake. The Wendovers have been loyal bannermen to House Stark for as long as anyone can remember.

As with all houses of the North, the Wendovers sent men to Winterfell when Robb Stark called the banners. Horace Wendover left Long Lake with both his sons, Krispin and Kyle, as well as his nephew Lenard.

HORACE WENDOVER, Lord of Long Lake

  • his wife, FARRAH, house Glover
    • KRISPIN, their eldest son and heir to Long Lake
    • KYLE, second son
    • KEENA, girl of 14 years
  • his brothers
    • MARTIN, Castellan of Long Lake
      • MARTHA, house Manderly, his wife
      • LENARD, his eldest son
      • KERROLD, squire to Lothar Umber, a boy of 11 years
    • REYNALD, a brother of the Night’s Watch
  • his cousin
    • JARED, Castellan of Long Lake
  • his household
    • GARETH STEELE, Captain of the Guard
      • MARION, his daughter
      • JAX, his son
    • ROLLO, guardsman

Wendover of Long Lake

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