Jerrytel AGOT: The Umber Campaign

01: Winter is Coming

Act 1 – Dinner at Last Hearth

At dinner in Last Hearth’s main fest hall, the characters are sitting at a table enjoying their meals and talking about the day’s events. A messenger arrives and makes his way towards the head table and hands the information over to Kelven. There is some discussion between various members of the Umber household – the Greatjon, the Smalljon, Ser Alain Shaw, and Reginold Vas.

Maester Baelin approaches Kelven to ask about what news has been sent. He is told King Robert is coming to Winterfell and the Greatjon and a contingent from Last Hearth will be departing soon. Baelin gets excited and immediately goes to the Maester’s tower to begin preparation – he believes he will be in the group to attend Lord Jon.

Ser Alain approaches the group and lets them know of the information, and that regretfully, they will not be apart of the detachment attending the Lord on his trip to Winterfell. Instead, they have also heard news from the Black Brothers of the Night Watch that 3 oathbreakers deserted the Eastwatch. He will have more information for them at tomorrow’s training, but Lothar Umber is to lead a group to the village of Rohr to investigate any sightings of the deserters.

Jaery Mormont, ward of the Greatjon, approaches him to ask him of the news as he is leaving the hall. He pats her on the back and tells her that he needs her to be at Lothar’s side when dealing with the oathbreakers.

Lothar decides to make his way to the Maester tower to give Baelin the news that he also will not be attending the Greatjon, to the young Maester’s great disappointment.

Yori Liddle talks separately with Reginald Vas, inquiring if he intends to send any of his men with Lothar’s group. He believes 2 of his better men should be accompanying them, but he understands the group headed to Winterfell will need his best men as well. Reginald states that he intends to send with them Liam and Connor, which eases Yori’s concerns for they are indeed two of the best men Last Hearth has in the guard.

Act 2 – Training

In the training yard the next day, as preparations are being made for both groups departing Last Hearth, the exercise will be for Lothar and Yori to defend Baelin against Jaery, Elick Snow, Jonath Snow, and Dorian Shaw. Morgan Shaw, the sister of Dorian, watches as she sharpens her spear. Lothar shouts to her that she should not be using her prayers to help her brother today.

Lothar and Yori move forward to protect Baelin. Dorian and Elick square off with Yori, while Jaery and Lothar also meet each other, sword and mace banging off of shields. Jonath decides to circle around, looking for an opportunity to catch his foes by surprise. Baelin then decides to step forward to help Yori. Elick meets him and almost immediately doubles him over with a well-placed attack to his abdomen.

It is not surprising to Ser Alain as Baelin has time and again tried to prove himself with his mace against his more experienced friends. He tells them that they are to travel north to Rohr and as they heard yesterday, to find out if the Oathbreakers have been seen. These men are criminals and should be treated as thus because they are already dead men. Bring them in alive to face the Lord’s justice, but if they resist, they should be killed.

Ser Alain also lets them know that Liam and Connor will be going with them on this trip. Morgan has also insisted that she tag along – she had not visited Rohr in sometime. Maester Baelin is told that Kelven wants him to take along 4 ravens to communicate with Last Hearth on their status.

Act 3 – Refugees

Later that day, the group departs heading north for Rohr. Each member of the group has a horse and there are a few extra horses to carry some supplies for the trip. Lothar is riding his war horse that he has owned for a few years. On the first night, Lothar has a dream that he seems to remember experiencing before.

His father is charging into battle with wildlings, and his sword is shining in hand, taking down foes left and right. As he turns, he is run through by a wildling with a spear. He tries to push himself free, but another attacker hits him in the chest with a large axe. The sword flies from his hand and lies on the blood stained snow. A man with long black hair, a giant of a man, pushes other wildlings out of the way as they clamor his body, stripping it of his armor, cloak, and shield.

He awoke as the wildling was reaching for his father’s sword. Lothar remembers that his father’s sword was named ‘Fury’.

Traveling north the second day is also uneventful with no traffic on the trade route leading to the village. The group again camps underneath the canopy of the forest, knowing there is but a short ride in the morning to reach the village. In the morning, the group again travels north, with Dorian and Liam moving ahead off the trail through the woods to the east, Elick and Jonath moving in the woods to the west.

Dorian spots the remnants of a campfire in a small clearing. He can tell it was recently stamped out. He investigates and easily picks up a trail – a mixture of adult and children footprints leading away deeper into the wood. He orders Liam to go back to tell the others to stop while he follows the trail. Shortly, he spots the face of a man hiding behind a tree. Once the man recognizes the colors of the Umber household, he and his group appear from the woods.

Dorian leads the villagers back to the clearing where they meet the rest of their group. 3 men, 4 women, and 4 children are in varying states of weariness and with minor injuries. Baelin and Morgan immediately begin to treat the injured villagers while the others ask questions of the men.
When asked about the Oathbreakers, the villagers do confirm that they had been in Rohr for a few days, but had caused no problems. When a large group of wildlings attacked yesterday morning, the black brothers fought against the wildlings and allowed them and others to escape, but many villagers were already dead when they had escaped.

Jonath shows little respect for the ‘small folk’ and views them with some disdain. He is eager to get moving on and is vocal about leaving them behind and let them get back to Last Hearth on their own.

Lothar is seen to be quite agitated and is very eager to get moving towards the village to see if the wildlings are still there.

Jaery and Yori attempt to calm Lothar to at least make a decision regarding the villagers before they move on toward Rohr. It is decided that Liam will stay behind with the villagers and they will make their way towards Rohr behind the rest of the group which will move on horseback as quickly as possible – the extra horse and supplies left behind as well.

With this decision made, Lothar spurs his horse on towards Rohr while the others urge their horses to keep up.

Act 4 – Rohr

Near dusk, the group is approaching Rohr, they can see smoke coming from the village. Dorian moves ahead to scout the location and sees that there are 4 dire wolves (yearlings) roaming the town. Two are sniffing and clawing at a half burned out barn while the other two are feeding on dead bodies in the town. Dorian spots one dead man that is wearing the black clothes of a member of the Night’s Watch.

When Lothar learns of this from Dorian, he immediately charges into town on horseback, followed by Yori and Jaery (again trying to keep up with their spontaneous friend). The rest of the group moves in on foot.

Lothar and Jaery attack from horseback. Both of their horses are afraid of the dire wolves, but both are able to control their mounts. Yori dismounts in order to fight one dire wolf and is able to defeat it. Both Lothar and Jaery’s horses are attacked by the wolves and both of their horses brought down by the wolves in their fights. Dorian, Baelin, Morgan, and Jonath attack the wolves using their bows while Elick moves up to help Jaery with the wolf that is on her.

As Lothar scrambles from underneath his injured warhorse, the wolf he was fighting is about to pounce. The door to the barn swings open and a man in black armour wielding a greatsword attacks and kills the dire wolf, cleaving its head from its body. As the others finish off the rest of the wolves (with Yori killing his second with the help of the archers) and Lothar gets to his feet, the Oathbreaker named Brock drops his sword to the ground and yields to Lothar falling to his knees and putting his hands behind his head.

Act 5 – Aftermath in Rohr

Yori immediately advises Lothar to bind Brock and take his weapon. In the barn, there are a few children who were being protected by Brock and the third deserter named Lors who is about to die. Baelin confirmed that there is not much he can do other than easing the man’s pain, which he does with some milk of the poppy. Brock confirms the other deserter is named Pieter and he died the night before fighting the wildlings.

Brock states that they arrived in the town and wanted no trouble – just food and a place to rest before they moved on. When the wildlings attacked, he and Lors agreed to fight, Pieter also did reluctantly. Brock and Lors was able to get some children into the barn and protected them. The wildlings burned out the rest of the town, taking horses, food, and about 5 women. He guessed there were about 12 wildlings still alive, but some were wounded. Of the horses they took, there were not enough to carry all of them and their captives, so they are probably traveling slowly.

Baelin sends a raven at Lothar’s request to tell of the situation and to request a group form Last Hearth to come to Rohr to help transport the villagers back to the city. The message also stated that they would pursue the wildlings north in order to get the rest of the villagers. Jonath laughs at this – he could care less for the small folk, he just wants to kill the wildlings.

Lothar’s horse is injured severely and needs to be put down. Jaery’s horse will survive and is left in Rohr so it can be taken back to Last Hearth. Connor will accompany the group to chase down the wildlings while Liam will stay behind with the villagers.

Brock assures the group that he knows he is a dead man and he requests to come along to help get the villagers back to safety. Despite Yori’s protest, Lothar allows him to come along, with his hands tied.

Act 6 – Pursuit

The trail is not hard to follow and one dead wildling was left along the route, apparently dying of his wounds along the way.

Elick talks to Brock and tells him that he can help him – once they get back to Last Hearth, he will make sure he does not get beheaded. He must however do as they say and not cause any problems.

The wildlings are spotted – being slowed down by the women they took captive and their wounded. Yori still has concerns about Brock, fearing that he may decide to change sides and escape with the wildlings, what many deserters are known to have done. With Elick’s convincing, Lothar gives Brock his sword.

Elick, Jonath, and Dorian are able to move up through the woods and flank the wildlings – they give a signal to the rest and Yori, Jaery, and Lothar charge in on horse. Baelin and Morgan follow Brock in on foot.

Lothar cannot control his anger upon seeing the wildlings and goes into a rage. Dorian and Jonath hit many with arrows as the group on horseback also attacks. The wildlings yield when half their number has fallen. Lothar does not stop and keep attacking the wildlings. Jaery tries to get in his way to calm him, but repeatedly attacks her as well. As she defends herself with her shield, she spots laying on the ground a shield that was used by one of the wildlings, a steel shield with the Umber insignia, the same as Lothar’s. Yori is able to calm Lothar out of his rage, showing him the shield lying on the ground.

Talking with the wildling, he confirms that he know some of the men that were apart of the raid long ago that killed one of the Umber ‘giants. The shield was actually given to him by one of them. He also tells Lothar that the sword taken that day as well – and he knows where it is.


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