Valyrian Steel Longsword

weapon (melee)
  • +3 ATT
  • +3 DAM
  • Halves the Damage Reduction (DR) of any armor it hits

Valyrian Steel blade that has belonged to the Umber family for many generations. The Greatjon decided to give the sword to his eldest son, Jon. Jon and younger brother Rygar were very close growing up.

Rygar Umber had a led a group from Last Hearth to deal with a wildling raid. Before departing, Jon gave the sword to his brother, who was the better fighter and Jon felt the sword belonged in his hand.

Yori Liddle was among that group and witnessed Rygar’s death. Rygar had actually saved Yori’s life during the campaign against the wildlings. The day Rygar fell, the wildling raiders were able to drive away the Umber host – Rygar’s body was never recovered.


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